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The low temperature storage of food

Today, the increase in demand for fresh and naturally consumed foods has increased the importance of cold storage among food preservation methods. During cold storage, chemical reactions and enzymatic activities in food are delayed, the growth rates of microorganisms and activities are slowed down, so…

Considerations in Cold Storage

1. Principle in cold storage; to ensure that the necessary conditions are met in order to allow the fruit and vegetables to perform at the lowest possible level without strictly stopping their metabolism activities. 2. Appropriate conditions are achieved by setting the temperature and relative…

Our Motto

Erkar Engineering employees are the team that has been studying education and arge throughout the world for 15 years. Machinery manufacturing industry "intelligent cooling machines" on which to concentrate their studies, doing research on employee cooling machines according to the needs of customers, producing efficient and traceable cold rooms is a real technology and engineering company in Turkey.


international quality

We have assured our quality with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 14001 documents which are internationally recognized quality documents.

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Our team always supports you to go fast when you encounter a problem.

First Class Service

With 15 years of experience we always provide first class service. In addition to this, we will provide our customers with quick time-to-market and prompt operation with timely delivery and rapid production

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