1. Principle in cold storage; to ensure that the necessary conditions are met in order to allow
the fruit and vegetables to perform at the lowest possible level without strictly stopping their
metabolism activities.
2. Appropriate conditions are achieved by setting the temperature and relative humidity.
3. Optimum temperature; does not carry the product to the freezing point, minimizing the
4. The most suitable humidity is; Which do not lead to loss of water in the product, an amount
of reduction in distortion product Configure causing wrinkling and internal dark.
5. It is very important to determine the correct temperature in the warehouse and use it in
terms of the life of the product.
6. For example, increasing the temperature by 1 ° C in apple storage leads to a 13% loss in
storage life.
7. The rate of immediate respiration of the harvested fruit must be slowed down, so it should
be chilled.
8. Storage time of 1 day at 25 ° C reduces storage life by 6-20 days.
9. Products; according to the technique must be stored under conditions that do not affect the
natural structure.
10. Frozen products should be stored at temperatures below -18 ° C.
11. In cold storage, the product should be stored at 1-2 ° C above freezing temperature.
12. Because each product has its own unique temperature and humidity value, placing more
than one product in the same warehouse can cause some products to not be stored in
desired conditions and lead to product losses.
13. Too much humidity can lead to deterioration in a repository and products of the
condensation of water.