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The block ice is formed by immersing the water molds in a cooled glycol tank.

Block ice has a wide use range (fishing, bakery products, etc.)

One of the reasons why the block ice is popular is that it can be easily transported over long distances with non-refrigerated vehicles.

Our business; block ice machines are designed for commercial and industrial applications and are designed to produce clean and fresh ice blocks without any problems.

We have our special production in need of 500 kg – 50,000 kg per day.

Produced ice molds are available in 10-15-20-25-30-40-50 kg.

The parts that come in contact with water are stainless steel.

Depending on demand, it is produced either as water or as air-cooled condenser.

Available in Standard (AS) and Tropical (AT) versions.

We have options with hermetic, scroll, semi-hermetic piston or screw compressor.

The refrigerant is R407F, R507A or R404A.

For our devices, if desired, your operator’s hot water requirement can be met by our cooling units without the cost of electricity or operation.

Optional; The indoor unit and the outdoor unit are available separately, not assembled, or in plug-and-play options with all the settings and installation