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It helps to dry any vegetable, fruit, cereal seeds. Ideal for seed producer or seed research institute certification. It has a desktop function.

The specially developed squeeze-out system is ideal for easy operation.

By virtue of the small pore system of 120 micrometers, or nearly 1 / 10th of 1 mm, no other seed exploitation occurs in any way as the air vapor passes.

The food drying system keeps the colors and flavors of special products dry. Points to be contacted by drying products are made of stainless material. Drying products are dried without intervention from outside by working with a Tavalı drying elevator system. This system prevents heat loss in the dryer at high speed. The machine is designed according to the product to be installed. Depending on demand, the number of plates is increased.

Dried onion, mushroom, spice, grape, apple, apricot drying, tomato, garlic, plum, hazelnut, grape, pomegranate kernel, carrot drying, plum, olive leaf, apricot kernels , peach, rose drying, seafood fish and so on. can be used in drying processes.