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Erkar Engineering employees are the team that has been studying education and arge throughout the world for 15 years. Machinery manufacturing industry "intelligent cooling machines" on which to concentrate their studies, doing research on employee cooling machines according to the needs of customers, producing efficient and traceable cold rooms is a real technology and engineering company in Turkey.

Erkar meets the cooling needs of different sectors. We offer a professional service with our company, service network and experienced staff who produce and supply all the team, sowing machines and machines for cooling. Erkar, who has been working for many years in need of cold storage and in cooperation with its employees, is designing products with his professional staff. Our company, which uses all the innovations of technology besides its own specialist, educated engineer and technical team, gives importance to durability, function and aesthetics and produces products that are above the world standards and provide reliable and healthy products to its customers.

Engineer Cadet Thinking of Your Efficiency


Develop and deliver innovative solutions that are more reliable, efficient and to present


Being the first choice to be a high value brand in national and international markets, our customers with our solutions, our solution partners with our studies and our employees happy with our conditions.


To design, manufacture and sell our products for a market approach through market installers and professionals, to introduce customer loyalty networks on the basis of product quality and excellent customer service.


Our product portfolio is expanding our business by increasing our sales force and our customers.