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Because the installation and disassembly processes of fixed cold storages are both costly and risk of panel deformation, container warehouses provide trouble free transportation to our customers in need of mobilization.

They are manufactured in accordance with international transport standards and do not pose any problems during transportation. Military bases, fishing and rental companies prefer container type cold storage.

The internal temperature of the warehouse can be suitably produced in the range of + 15 / -50 ºC. If necessary, more than one cold storage can be produced in a container.Container type cold storages are suitable for working at outdoor temperatures of -40 / + 50 ºC.

Container type is produced in two forms with generator and without generator.

Generator-type container-type warehouses, without electricity supply by means of generators, fields, mountainous terrain, desert etc. can be used in places.

Our machines are air-cooled condensers, optionally water-cooled.

For our devices, if desired, your operator’s hot water requirement can be met by our cooling units without the cost of electricity or operation.