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They are machines designed for quick, reliable and hygienic drying of your wet and / or damp carpets washed out when the ambient conditions are not suitable for drying.

Bacteria form in the air in the dried environment due to moisture. This type of bacteria, pollen, mint and other harmful elements are destroyed by UV blue light technology, preventing the smells in the drying rooms and clearing the air in the environment. It provides high quality service with clean and hygienic drying by preventing the smell in the rooms.

If the products are required to be dried at a faster rate, the turbo is activated and they start to warm up in shorter time. So the moisture accumulation is started and the drying period is shortened. The turbo system is mainly used to shorten the drying time in the winter months.

With our heat thermostats, our devices are operated at desired ambient temperatures and dried. Humidity control keeps the ambient humidity at the desired level. The machine automatically stops when the set humidity is reached. With the time setting, you save both your work and your plan, and the machine automatically stops working until the drying time you set.