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It is a device that allows the control and cooling of more than one cooler with a single outer unit. These units consist of a parallel chassis of various size compressors with vibration preventive elements on a rigid chassis.

Wet vegetable and fruit storage areas are preferred to save space in logistic storage areas, food storage, meat and meat processing and storage areas in facilities with a lot of small capacity cold rooms.

The central system is controlled in a shop, the department stores, the cold stores, the process areas are controlled and cooled by a single outdoor unit.

Our central system units are used to cool cool enclosure, cold enclosure, frozen enclosure and shock rooms.

Central systems have lower initial investment costs than individual refrigeration appliances.

Space saving compared to split system cooling units, saves energy (25-30%)

There is a very wide capacity gap.

According to the requirement, we have semi-hermetic, scroll or screw compressor production.

Our systems can be produced with air or water cooled condenser.

The operation of the compressor and condenser fans is performed by a microprocessor in accordance with the information received from the sensors depending on the capacity.

For our devices, if desired, your operator’s hot water requirement can be met by our cooling units without the cost of electricity or operation.