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The minimum construction time in a cold storage installation is preferred due to the fact that when the installation is completed, the hygienic environment is maintained without any other construction materials, maintenance is not required during use, and maintenance is not required.

Minimizes the construction time.

Reduces heat losses due to high density.

It is suitable for hygienic environments due to its outer surface structure.

Since it is in high density, it is used in low thicknesses, it increases interior dimensions of the room.

Prefabricated structure makes it suitable for transport.

There is no need for maintenance-repair.

Our Cold Room Panels are produced by injecting polyurethane between two galvanized lined sheets on both sides.

Our panels are CE certified, polyurethane in 38-42 kg / m³ density.

They are available with chrome, Pvc, galvanized polyester painted, grooved or non-grooved product varieties of 6-8-10-12-15 -18 and 20 cm thickness, with locked and unlocked options in desired sizes up to 12 meters in length.

Thanks to the protective film on our panels, the assembly process is protected from external factors until the start

All our panels are in female-male form and the products with lock system enable the panels to be mounted / demounted without any deterioration. This gives you the ability to add or remove panels when requested, and it secures the panel structures.